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  • Kay Bojesen

    Lovebirds, 2 pcs

    The delightful Lovebirds are designed by the Danish designer Kay Bojesen. The little lovebirds come in sets of two and are made in light and dark oak. 
  • Kay Bojesen


    Kay Bojesen's elephant arrived in 1953 and immediately became a popular addition in Kay Bojesen family of wooden figures.
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  • Kay Bojesen


    The hippo was created in 1955 as a fun desktop items to hold pens. Hippo is made of solid oak and is 21 cm wide and 8.5 cm high.
  • Kay Bojesen


    Kay Bojesen Zebra was designed in 1935 and was Kay Bojesen's first exotic animal.
  • Kay Bojesen


    Give a gift that will last a lifetime. Kay Bojesen's Monkey was born in 1951. A little Monkey with the great personality which has come to signify a gift from a very special person.