Training equipment

Working out is an investment in your health and with the right training equipment, you will quickly get started. Casall is one of Scandinavia's leading brands in fitness equipment for home use. 

Easy holiday workout

  • Casall

    Balance Cushion

    The balance cushion from Casall stimulates the body and have a massaging effect both when you sit on it and when you use it as back support.

  • Casall

    Multi Balance Trainer

    A suspension trainer which allows you to use your own body weight to train your overall strength and balance. 

  • Casall

    Yoga mat, 4 mm, black

    This is a must-have yoga tool which is ideal to use at home, at the gym or when travelling.

  • Fresh 'n Rebel

    Rockbox Brick Speaker, Fabriq Edition, Bluetooth

    Smashing sound, endless battery! Rockbox Brick Fabriq Edition is a wireless speaker with deep bass in a classic brick shape. 

  • Fresh n Rebel

    Rockbox Chunk Speaker, Fabriq Edition, Bluetooth

    Rockbox Chunk Fabriq Edition is wireless speaker for those who are looking for a little bit more!

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  • Fresh 'n Rebel

    Lace wireless sports earbuds

    Ready, set, go wireless. Lace Wireless Sports Earbuds are Bluetooth in-ear headphones that let you go all in and workout to the beat.